The topics I’m interesting to talk about are clearly mobile development related. Here’s a few public talks I made:

State of Declarative UI on Mobile Development

On December 2023, I’ve spoken again at a Google DevFest about the history and challenges of using declarative UI to build mobile apps UI.

Remote working: 9 years of lessons learnt

On November 2019, I’ve spoken at a Google Dev Fest about my esperience as remote worker.

Alexa, can you help me?

In June 2018, I gave an introduction on the development of Alexa Skill for Amazon Echo devices. The event was organized by MUG.

RxJava: a Java implementation of Reactive Extentions

On Sep 2015, I made a short introduction of RxJava (Reactive Extentions) for Hackatron.

Android 101

On Nov 2014, I talked about the basics of Android development for Hackatron.