framer is now opensourced

less than 1 minute read

Today I finally complete the fastlane plugin called framer that allows us (Spreaker) to put all screenshots taken from the simulator into some nice and handmade frames images, ready to be uploaded to the AppStore!

I already talk about how our screenshots generation script works in the previus post.

The sourcecode of framer has been pushed on github and the gem is available from

All you have to do for using it in your projects is running the command

fastlane add_plugin framer

and then invoke framer in your fastlane lanes. This is our

# Fastfile
desc "Take screenshots of the app"
lane :take_screenshots do

  # Capture screens
    skip_open_summary: true

  # Frame them


If you have issue or any feedback for improving it, open an issue on Github or drop me a line on Twitter. I will more than happy to listen your feedbacks and fix issues!