Average Alexa Skill Certification Times

1 minute read

If you have develop iOS apps for few years, you remember that Apple took almost a full week to review each new app or update you submit. Since the time varies considerably, a website has tried to give an honest feedback about that. It was called Average App Store Review Times.

Nowadays Apple takes around 24 hours to approve any submission and the results are pretty much stable all the time. Kudos to the Apple Review Team!

The same need now has moved to Alexa Skills, where Amazon Certification Team takes from 2 days to 2 weeks to approve new skills or simple updates. It’s about time to make this process more open.

That’s why I put together a variation of that website, called Alexa Skill Certification Times, reachable at skillcertificationtimes.com.

It works in the same way. Anyone can contribute by posting on Twitter his/her experience with the certification process saying how many days it tooks to their skill to be approved or rejected, using the hashtag #skillcertificationtimes

The website will scrape Twitter roughly every hour and collect them, generate statistics and update the website.

Also, every day on Twitter will be posted the daily average of the previous day so you can be updated on the trend. Just follow @skillcerttimes to get them!

Since it’s the first iteration of this service, any feedback is more than welcome! You can create an issue on the github repository or contact me on Twitter!