Check your localized strings with StringsLint

less than 1 minute read

Your app keeps growing and growing. You add new features and screens and, at some point, other features and screens are removed. One thing that most of the time will not be removed are localized strings, so you ended app with declaring (and translating!) more strings than you actually need.

I’ve been suffering this problem as well so, it’s time to cleanup the mess!

I really enjoyed using SwiftLint for checking my swift code but it does not check resources like localized strings.

So I’ve build my own tool for them, called StringsLint and open sourced it today.

It scans your project files, looking for defined strings (inside .strings files) and used strings (inside swift, objc and xib/storyboard files) so it can report if a string is missing, partially translated or actually not used anywhere.

It’s in the early stages, in terms of development and testing, but it’s already working well for my use-case.

Give it a try and let me know what do you think about it. I’m eager to ear your feedback!